• What is the advantage of our product?Release time:2014-05-10
    Aluminum is green, strong and resists corrosion. it is the common use for construction, decoration, and transportation and so on. it can be used for windows frame, vehicle rims, vehicle body, plane body, holder, part of the light, etc.
  • How do i order our products?Release time:2014-05-09
    Contact by email, phone, or directly come discuss in factory is all alailable. and please provide details about your goods, such as size, length, thickness, etc.
  • Can we provide oem service?Release time:2014-05-10
    Yes, we can.
  • What is the duration for production?Release time:2014-05-10
    Depends on the quanlity of the order; usually 20 days – 30 days for one shipment (within 4 hq containers).
  • How about the payment?Release time:2014-05-10
    We can do with fob or cif. but we only accept rmb or us dollar.
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