Delivery with time, quantity and quality fully guaranteed
All the products are delivered with time, quantity and quality guaranteed (delivery within 10 to 20 days after the order is placed). The product quality is strictly in accordance with national standards; and Xinwei Aluminum test the data for each batch of products to be delivered.
Listening to customers
If there is any customer complaint about quality, we will communicate in time and handle property based on the customer-foremost principle.
Worry-free aftersales service
If you have any technical issues in use, we will reply once we receive your notice. If you require our staff to visit the site for assistance, we will provide active cooperation and solve issues in a considerate and delicate way. If necessary, we will send senior technical engineers to the site for assistance.
Service hotline:0757-23316328
Comments and complaints
If there is objection to the quality of customer complaints phenomenon, our company will be based on the principle of customer first, timely communication and properly handle.